Terms of use for the Connect gateway at the connected site

You are solely responsible for the correct configuration, security and use of the Connect gateway after installation at the connected site, ensuring that the Connect gateway can connect with the service and that the content, integrity, security and accuracy of the data being transferred is correct, up-to-date and regularly monitored.

Software updates for hardware device

Siemens has sole discretion to push hardware device updates, including any security patches, from its platform to each of your hardware devices that use services purchased by you in accordance with terms specified in the Master Order Form.

Third-party terms for use of service

This service may include third-party software services, including open-source software and/or commercial software that is distributed when accessing this service. Such third-party software may be subject to additional or different terms, license rights, or require certain notices by their licensors, which we are obliged to pass on to you as your licensor and to which you agree to abide. The corresponding license terms can be found in the service under About.

Service Level Agreement

Siemens will use commercially reasonable efforts to maintain the availability of the Cloud Services. Contact your local Siemens representative for support requests.