Contractual documents

Your company must sign a Master Order Form for Digital Services with your local Siemens entity to use the service. The Master Order Form forms, as the specification for this service as well as any additional appendices to the same, an integral part of the Digital Service Agreement (DSA) together with this Product and Service Data Sheet (PSDS). The documents listed below together form the contractual documents for the service.


A valid subscription, i.e., ordered and accepted in accordance with the Master Order Form, is required to use the service.

Connect gateway

The service is currently only compatible with commercially available Siemens gateways manufactured under the Connect brand (the Connect gateway family). A description of Connect gateways is provided below. A Connect gateway must be purchased and installed on premise at a site specified by you in accordance with a separate agreement between your company and Siemens to use the service. You are responsible for installing the Connect gateway at the site and any associated costs to perform said service in accordance with related documentation for the Connect gateway.


Connect gateway


The Connect X200 is powered with DC 24V or AC 24V and may require an additional enclosure.

The Connect X300 is powered with DC 24V and may require an additional enclosure.


The Connect gateway includes embedded software (for example, firmware and factory installed applications collectively referenced herein as Connect Software) to supply building control gateway data to this service.

Web browser and viewing devices

Chrome and Firefox are recommended to use the service, but other standard browsers might also serve this function. Screen resolution of 1920x1080 pixels or higher is recommend for best user experience.

Internet connection

The bandwidth of your internet connection determines the performance of the service.

Mobile applications

An active subscription and panel connection is required to use the mobile test application.