1. Right-click on DesigoOptic.exe, select Run as administrator and click Yes to make changes to your device.
  • The Setup Wizard starts.
  1. Accept the License Agreement and select which users should be allowed to access Desigo Optic.
  1. If desired, change the destination folder in the Choose Install Location dialog box. The default is C:/Program Files (x86)/Desigo Optic/Desigo Optic
  1. Use the tables in this section to complete the remaining sections of the Setup Wizard.
  1. Once done, click Install to begin the installation process.
  • The Desigo Optic login page displays in the default browser when the installation is complete.
  1. Click Next and then Finish to close the Setup Wizard.

Runtime options

Desigo Optic runtime options.



Run Desigo Optic on

By default, Desigo Optic runs on port 8080. Enter a different port number, if desired.

Super-user password

You must define a password for the super user. Otherwise, an error displays.

Create desktop shortcut

If selected (default), a desktop shortcut is created for Desigo Optic at the end of the installation process.

Run Desigo Optic as a Windows Service

If selected (default), the Desigo_Optic5 service is available through the Windows Services app. See the following Figure for more information.

Run on 64bit JVM

This option is only available if 64-bit Java is installed on the computer and it runs on a 64-bit Java Virtual Machine.

Desigo_Optic5 service in the Windows Services app.

Migrate options

The Desigo Optic migrate options display if any previous version of FIN Stack is installed.

Desigo Optic migrate options.



Copy settings from etc folder

If selected, any special settings you made are kept on the server.

Copy database folder

If selected, all the databases are copied to the new revision download.

Uninstall older version

If selected (default), the previous version is automatically uninstalled after the Setup Wizard is completed.

For a clean installation, either select Uninstall older version or manually uninstall the previous version before starting the new installation.

License options

If you do not have a license, copy the host id and send it to bgcustomersupport2@siemens.com. Continue the installation, and then complete the procedure Adding a license file when you have a license.

Desigo Optic license options.



Path to FIN Stack license file

Browse to locate your license file and include it in the installation.

Computer host id

This field is populated upon download.

Start menu folder options

Start menu folder options.



List box

Select the Start menu folder that will contain the Desigo Optic shortcuts or enter a name in the field to create a new folder.

Do not create shortcuts

If cleared (default), the Desigo Optic Console, Service Manager, and Uninstall apps are available through the Windows Start menu. See the following Figure for more information.

If selected, shortcuts for the Desigo Optic Console, Service Manager, and Uninstall apps are not added to the Windows\Start Menu folder.

Shortcuts added to the Start Menu folder.