1. Open a terminal and enter the following to navigate to the /opt directory:
    cd /opt/
  1. Use the following command to unzip the FIN installation into the /opt folder:
    sudo unzip ~/Desktop/FINStack-5.1.XXXX.zip
    XXXX indicates the minor version of FIN.
  1. Open the finstack.service file with an editor and remove the /current text. See ➀ in the following figure.
  1. (Optional) To increase the heap space of your installation, modify the number (in MB) after -Xmx. See ➁ in the following figure.
Updating the finstack.service file.
  1. Save the finstack.service file and close the editor.
  1. Enter the following to navigate to the Desktop directory:
    cd ~/Desktop
  1. Enter the following sequence of commands:
    sudo mv finstack.service /etc/systemd/system/finstack.service

    sudo systemctl daemon-reload

    sudo systemctl enable finstack

    sudo systemctl start finstack
  1. Open a browser and navigate to: http://localhost:8080
  • The login screen displays, and FIN has been successfully installed through the zip file.