Prevent loss of project data.

Before uninstalling any version of FIN Stack, do one of the following to prevent loss of data:

  1. Backup all project data and save it outside the Desigo Optic directory.
  1. Copy or move the db (databases) folder out of the Desigo Optic directory.

If you selected Uninstall older version in the Migrate section of the Setup Wizard, the uninstall process begins when the Setup Wizard is complete. In this case, skip Step 1 in the following procedure.

  1. Navigate to the Desigo Optic [Version] folder, right-click on uninstall.exe, select Run as administrator and click Yes to make changes to your device.
  • The uninstall process begins.
  1. Verify the Uninstalling from location and click Next.
  1. Decide if the existing settings and database folders should be removed:
  • Keep settings (etc) folder
    If selected, the etc folder of the version being uninstalled is kept.
  • Keep databases (db) folder
    If selected, the var folder of the version being uninstalled is kept.
  1. Click Uninstall to uninstall the previous version and then click Close to close the wizard.