A demo database is included with every Desigo Optic installation. When working on a live job, you can remove the demo database to gain additional system capacity.

This section outlines instructions for removing the demo database.

There must be at least one project in the db folder before the demo database is deleted.

  • If you have an existing database or are upgrading from a previous version of that already has an existing database, skip steps 1 through 3.
  1. Open Desigo Optic and start the Desigo_Optic5 service.
    Starting the service
  1. In the Host window, select Projects in the menu bar and click Create in the status bar.
  1. Enter the following for the new project:
  • Name: The name of the new project.
    Enter a name using camel case reference. For example, demoBuilding. Valid characters include a to z, A to Z and _ (underscore). Do not use spaces, numbers, special characters, or "proj". Using any of these will invalidate your project.
  • (Optional) Display name: Displays in the Desigo Optic project tile. Enter a name using standard text formatting. For example, Demo Building #1.
  • (Optional) Description: Displays in the Desigo Optic project tile. Use this area to provide an overview of your project.
  • The new project is created in the … Desigo Optic\Desigo Optic 5.1.XXXX\var\proj folder.
  1. Log out of Desigo Optic and stop the Desigo_Optic5 service.
    Stopping the service
  1. Navigate to … Desigo Optic > Desigo Optic 5.1.XXXX > var > proj.
  1. Do one of the following:
  • For Windows OS, select the demo folder, right-click and select Delete, then select Yes in the User Account Control dialog box.
  • The deleted project is no longer available when you open Desigo Optic and start the Desigo_Optic5 service.