Complete this procedure if you did not update the JAVA_HOME environment variable during OpenJDK installation.

  1. Logon to Windows with administrator privileges.
  1. Select Windows Start and type Control Panel.
  1. In the Control Panel window, select System and Security > System.
  1. Select Advanced system settings in the left pane.
  • The System Properties dialog box displays.
  1. Click Environment Variables in the Advanced tab.
  • The Environment Variables dialog box displays.
  1. Click New in System variables section to create a new variable with the following information:
    Variable name: JAVA_HOME
    Variable value: Point to the installed version of OpenJDK
  1. Restart Desigo Optic if it is running. If it is running as a service, restart using the Desigo Optic Service Manager.
  1. Open Desigo Optic and select Debug > Diagnostics on the Home page.
    Home page user interface
  1. In the Java section, verify that Desigo Optic is using OpenJDK.
  1. Once the system is operating as expected, uninstall the Oracle version of Java.
  1. Restart the system and verify it is operating as expected.