Use this procedure to update to a newer version of Desigo Optic.

Before you begin

Use the Folio app to create a database snapshot and download the snapshot to your computer.

Prevent loss of project data.

Before updating, do one of the following to prevent loss of data:

  1. Backup all project data and save it outside the Desigo Optic directory.
  1. Copy or move the db (databases) folder out of the Desigo Optic directory.


  1. Make a copy of Desigo Optic. The default location is: C:\Program Files (x86)\Desigo Optic\[Desigo Optic 5.1.3.xxxx].
  1. Stop the Desigo_Optic5 service.
  1. Follow the Windows Installation instructions and be sure to select the following options in the Migrate section of the Setup Wizard:
  • Copy settings from etc folder
  • Copy database folder
  1. Start the Desigo_Optic5 service.
  1. Use the Folio app to restore the snapshot.
  1. Use the backup created in Step 3 to restore any configurations that are unique to your installation, such as custom pods and the pub folder.
  1. Stop and start the Desigo_Optic5 service for the change to take effect.