This product may only be installed by Siemens-authorized specialized installers, with experience in the design, installation and maintenance of automatic extinguishing systems. During installation, it must be ensured that:

  • this product is installed in compliance with the accident prevention regulations and national regulations in force,
  • this product is used as intended,
  • any danger is avoided,
  • Siemens requirements are met (assembly instructions, technical instructions, commissioning, and operating instructions),
  • the operators have received and understood the information related to this product.

At commissioning, ensure compliance with the legislation in force, technical regulations and safety instructions.

Failure to comply with Siemens' instructions may result in serious bodily injury or significant property damage, for which Siemens cannot be held liable.

Siemens reserves the right to make technical modifications and/or improvements at any time.


  • Do not transport the cylinder if the valve is fitted with actuators.
  • Ensure that all valve ports are closed with Siemens caps.
  • Always transport the cylinder equipped with its protective cap.
  • Never let the cylinder fall.
  • Never bang cylinders together.
  • Comply with the applicable transport regulations.