• Check that the lever of the venting tool is in the closed position.


To empty the gas from the cylinder:

  1. On the cylinder valve, unscrew the plug on the pressure gauge port.
  2. Screw the venting tool with the M12x1 connector on the pressure gauge port of the cylinder valve.
  3. Tighten to the stop using a 19 mm wrench.
  4. Operate the lever to open the ball valve.
  5. When the cylinder is emptied, operate the lever again to close the ball valve.
  6. Unscrew the venting tool.
    ⇨ The non-return valve in the pressure gauge port closes automatically.
Gas under pressure: risk of injury

After operating the lever, the gas released through the hole may cause injury.

Suffocation hazard

Cylinders must be vented outdoors.