Refer to the installation instructions for details.

No changes permitted

No product modifications permitted.


  • Check that the hose, threads and seals are in good condition.
  • Never use a faulty hose.
  • Check that the fittings are in good condition and seals are present.
  • Never use a faulty fitting.


To mount the booster kit:

  • Remove the end caps.
  • Screw the FIT-906 fitting onto the cylinder valve.
  • Screw the FIT-916 elbow fitting on the FIT-906 straight fitting.
  • Screw the hose on the FIT-916 elbow fitting.
  • Mount the FIT-919 tee fitting on the pneumatic actuator on one side, and on the FLEX5-x pilot hose on the other side.
  • Screw the FLEX5-350 hose on the FIT-919 tee fitting.
  • Align this assembly with the pilot line.
  • Tighten all fittings using a 14 mm open-end wrench.
    Torque: 8 Nm (0/-2 Nm).


  • Apply tightening torques as specified.
  • Do not bend the hose below the specified minimum radius.
  • Make sure that no forces (traction, shear or twisting) are applied to the hose.