OSS license files ensure that Edge applications are aligned with clearance policy. One or multiple files can be uploaded and assigned to application versions.

OSS license files must have file extension .md or .txt. Minimum file size is 1 Byte, maximum is 10 MB.

Add OSS license file

  1. Select an App.
  1. Click on Manage OSS licenses.
  1. Go to Add new file and select the OSS license file or drag and drop the OSS license file.
  1. Click Upload to confirm.
  • OSS license file is uploaded.

Assigning OSS license file

  1. Select an application version.
  1. Go to the Open Source software licenses tab.
  1. Select one or more applicable OSS files.
  1. Click Update.
  • Selected OSS licenses are assigned to the application version.

OSS license files that are already assigned to application versions cannot be deleted. Assignment must be detached first.