Once an Edge App is configured, Edge App Manager provides a feature for debugging & verifying the App on a physical Edge gateway.

  • An App is created, configured and in state Development.
  • SSH in maintenance page of Edge gateway is enabled.
  • Edge gateway is connected to local PC via ethernet connection
  1. Open the App and select the Application version which is required to be installed and tested on the device.
  1. Click Options > Open.
  1. Click Summary > Preview.
  • Installation script is copied to clipboard. The script contains the access token and information on the App configuration to install the selected version on the Edge device.
  1. Use Terminal supporting shell script to navigate to the Edge App cloned on local PC.
  1. Paste the access token from clipboard.

The installation script copied to clipboard has a very short expiration time. It might be necessary to click Try app again to copy the installation script to clipboard.

  1. Execute the command to start the installation.
  1. Confirm prompts.