Device management

Adds and edits your sites and Cloud-enabled connected devices.

Remote web access

Remotely accesses the device web interface.

Desigo engineering tool access - ABT Site

Connects ABT Site (V4.0 or higher) to Desigo PXC4.E16,PXC5.E003 and PXC7.E400 automation stations and remotely engineers and configures the automation stations.

Intelligent Valve data

Collects data from Intelligent Valves connected to the Cloud and downloads the data for the entire site.

Manage Intelligent Valve

Remotely updates firmware on Intelligent Valves connected to the Cloud and triggers and executes HVAC balancing self-tests.


Allows administration by the customer. New users can be invited to access the service once the administrator has signed up the company for the service and activated a subscription.

User management

Provides role-based access control.

Data hosting

Stores and processes data in data centers located in Ireland. Please refer to the Data Processing Agreement for information on processed personal data.