The Maintenance mode on the Connect X300 device offers multiple device operations that are required in the following cases:

  • Moving a device from one site to another
  • Change of network mode
  • Registration of the device is not possible
  • Update process or device activation is failing
  • You have obtained suitable engineering specialist training.
  • You are logged into a Connect X300 device via web interface.
  1. Go to Maintenance tab > Device operation section.
  1. Choose an operation and click the respective button:


Device operation


When to perform


The device will be restarted and reconnected automatically.

  • General service or device issues
  • OS and application update issues
  • Proxy configuration changes

Factory reset

Siemens customer support function

A factory reset will delete all data including all certificates for cloud communication and set the device to default factory settings. You must contact Siemens customer support before you perform a factory reset. Have the device information ready, such as Activation ID and Serial Number. After Siemens customer support deleted the device in the back office, the device is ready for cloud registration.

  • Change of network mode
  • Use of device for another project or a different customer

Reset configuration

To ensure an error-free configuration reset, it is recommended to uninstall all apps from the device via first.

See Devices User Guide (A6V12060067)

General settings, such as network connection mode, password and device name are deleted. Only certificates for cloud communication and registration will stay. During reset, the device will stay online.

  • Use of device for another project
  • General device issues
  • Change of network mode (In addition, a factory reset will be required)

Enable SSH

Siemens customer support function

SSH port will be activated for a duration of 24h or until the device will be powered off/on.

See Cyber security Guideline (A6V11852371)

  • Required for a detailed diagnosis including debugging and tracing.

Download log files

Siemens customer support function

Downloads the password protected log file of the device. Siemens customer support can request the log file for a detailed error analysis.

  • General device issues

Restart applications

Application will be restarted and the device stays online.

  • Issues with the application installed
  • After a modification of application specific parameters within Maintenance tab > Application configuration section.

In case of issues with the device, it is recommended to perform a restart of the device first. If the restart does not cause any improvement, reset the device configuration or perform a factory reset.