Information tab shows following information:

  1. Custom name: Displays the name of the device.
  2. Custom description: Displays the description of the device.
  3. External identifier: Displays the external identifier of the device.
  4. Device name: Displays the device name that was provided when the device was added.
  5. Device description: Displays the device description that was provided when the device was added.
  6. Activation key: Displays the device activation key, which is also accessible via the local web UI of the device.
  7. Device type: Displays the device type, for example X300 or X200 etc.
  8. Serial number: Displays the devices serial number.
  9. Connection state: Displays the devices connection state in real time.
  10. Reset password: Reset password of a device.
  11. Reboot: Reboot a device.
  12. Edit: Edit device properties.
  13. Delete: Delete a device.