Hardware information


NXP i.MX8 DualX, 1 GHz


1 GByte RAM
8 GByte eMMC

Data backup in the event of power failure

Energy reserve (Supercap) to support real-time clock (7 days).

Energy reserve to support real-time clock can be extended using optional battery CR2032: depending on the life time of battery and use, typical 10 years.
(Battery safety requirement and specification for CR2032 according to IEC 60086-4 or UL1642.
Battery must be rated for ambient temperature 70 °C (158 °F))

Low power of battery will be indicated by LED and a system alarm will be generated

Data available if stored to flash memory. Occurs every 5 minutes.

The interval of 5 minutes is only valid for change log but not for trending.

In case of a power failure, trend log data can be lost up to 30 minutes.