Order number

S55375-C103 1)

Number of integration data points
(M-bus + Modbus TCP + Modbus RTU)

up to 500

Number of digital inputs for potential-free contacts for signaling functions NO or NC (onboard)


Number of BACnet/MSTP devices per RS485 interface

up to 60 2)

Number of BACnet/SC devices as a BACnet/SC hub

up to 100

Number of KNX PL-Link devices

up to 64

Number of configurable field level networks, either for Modbus RTU, BACnet MS/TP, or M-bus using level converters/repeater with a maximum of 250 meters each. Important: COM2 and the direct connection for M-bus meters (MBUS) cannot be used at the same time.


Number of M-bus meters wired via level converters (RS485) 3)

2 x 250

1) For details on engineering, see PXC4, PXC5 & PXC7 Planning overview, A6V13054435.

2) Depending on the behavior of the third-party MS/TP devices.

3) The limitation is given by the maximum number of integration data points and maximum number of BACnet objects.