Multi-site overview (Cerberus Portal, Cerberus Connect app)

Provides an overview of all connected sites, as well as connectivity state and aggregated event state on each of the connected sites.

Real-time visibility and operation (Cerberus Portal, Cerberus Connect app)

Provides operation and real-time updates of connected sites.

Data history (Cerberus Portal, Cerberus Connect app)

Automatically logs and stores values and events on all panels connected to the Cloud Service. It presents the data history in a table to view the trend over different time periods, while also highlighting potential issues requiring user attention.

Remote web access (Cerberus Tunnel)

Remotely accesses available web applications residing within the remote control network at the connected site to remotely troubleshoot a Customer’s panel, pre-configure a panel or apply changes to the configuration in accordance with local regulations.


Allows administration by the Customer. New users can be invited to access the Cloud Service once the administrator has signed up the company for the Cloud Service and activated a subscription.

User management

Provides role-based access control.

Data hosting

Stores and processes personal and non-personal data in data centers located in Ireland. For information regarding processing of personal data Customer may refer to the Data Processing Terms.

Device management

Manages Siemens Cloud-enabled devices.

Data export

Exports user data to a .csv file.

Browser push notifications

Receives browser push notifications, if desired and browser enabled, as pop-ups at the bottom of the browser screen on each new incident.

SMS and email notifications

Sets SMS and email notifications to a required recipient. It triggers an SMS and/or email on each new incident.

Panel information

Displays information from all panels available on the fire panel network, including panel count, software, ID, type and Customer text.

Subscription management

View, manage, review, and cancel subscriptions.

Native mobile test application (Cerberus Connect app)

Mobile application available on iOS and Android to efficiently test fire peripherals.

Immediate feedback from tested device (Cerberus Connect app)

Provides users immediate feedback from a device tested with mobile app service.

Hands-free text to speech functionalities

Hands-free text to speech functionality when using the testing mobile app service.

Device view

Information on connected devices is displayed in an overview. From this device view, simple test plans and site reports can be created.

Test/Inspect (Cerberus Portal, Cerberus Connect app)

With a test plan, devices in a building can be tested and documented based on a preassigned list. The test plan can be printed and archived.

Push notification (Cerberus Connect app)

Receives push notifications, if desired, as native push messages in the mobile where the Cerberus Connect app is installed.

DFT (Disturbance-Free Test)

Enables self-testing of DFT capable devices (e.g., automatic detectors) via Cerberus Portal.