The standard subscription plan is the regular, scalable offering for this Cloud Service. The subscription term is twelve (12) months with automatic renewal; the Cloud Service fee is paid in advance. The Cloud Service can be cancelled any time, effective with the end of the current subscription term.


Add-on subscriptions scale the capabilities of the Cloud Service. The Cloud Service fee is on a pro-rated basis for the current subscription term and is included in the Cloud Service fee of the Standard subscription as of the next billing period. The customer can also scale down the service (considered as of the next billing period).

DFT Add-on

Disturbance-Free Test (DFT) device to benefit from self-testing.


The subscription term renews automatically for twelve (12) months.

Free Trial

New Customers may test the Cloud Service offering at no charge for 6 months The free trial offers full functionality and automatically switches to a paid subscription at the end of the trial period unless the Customer cancels the Cloud Service during the trial period. There are no refunds for expenses or materials in the event the Cloud Service is discontinued after the free trial.

Any Connected Device (i.e. hardware gateway) required for the free trial must be purchased separately and is not considered part of the free trial.

Extended Use entitles Customer to authorize its Affiliates and third parties to access and use the Cloud Services in accordance with the rights set out in the Terms and Conditions.