'Voice alarm panel Compact 400'


  • Robust wall cabinet, steel, with lockable front door
  • External dimensions (W x H x D mm): 710 x 950 x 305
  • Active ventilation
  • Roof panel with cable entry points

Cabinet assemblies

  • Pre-installed digital audio matrix board
  • Option slots for up to 6x PV1001-A1 Power amplifier (1x200W)
    • 4 main amplifiers
    • 1 backup amplifier
    • 1 pilot tone amplifier
  • 2 pre-installed main amplifiers PV1001-A1 Power amplifier (1x200W)
  • Option slots for up to 2x PN1001-A1 Ethernet switch (1x4)
  • Option slots for 1x PN1002-A1 RS485 module (1 port)
  • Pre-installed EN 54-4 power supply

Digital audio matrix board

  • 4 analog audio inputs and 4 analog audio outputs
  • 16x 100 V speaker lines with jumper configuration
  • 8 logic control inputs and 8 logic control outputs
  • Ethernet-based 100 Mbit/s network interface
  • Serial interface ('PACE-Bus') for connecting to internal and external components
  • Card reader with pre-installed micro SD card for alarm messages and music
  • Simultaneous transmission of up to 64 digital audio channels in studio quality (48 kHz/24 bit) with a constant latency of 1.33 ms
  • Real-time audio transmission: Constant latency 4.6 ms analog-in/analog-out
  • Integrated real-time recorder for delayed announcements
  • Speaker impedance and line monitoring in alarm mode and non-alarm mode
  • Speaker line monitoring via EOL element
  • Speaker line monitoring and short-circuit isolation with loop isolators
  • Automatic volume control, compressor and limiter

Power amplifiers

  • 2 pre-installed PV1001-A1 Power amplifier (1x200W)
  • Installed as main power amplifiers
  • Can be mounted as backup or pilot tone amplifiers
  • Total audio power of PC1001-A3: max. 800 W

Power supply

  • EN 54-4-certified
  • Charging, monitoring and protection of emergency power batteries
  • Power supplied to all system components via DC 24 V
  • Emergency power supply to all system components
  • Input voltage 230 V / 50 Hz
  • Max. capacity of emergency batteries: 100 Ah
  • Installed cable set and fuses for batteries


'Power amplifier (1x200W)'

  • High efficiency transformerless direct output audio power amplifier
  • For expansion of the PC1001-A3 Voice alarm panel Compact 400
  • 10 W in standby mode
  • Protected against idling, short-circuit, overheating, DC
  • Easy installation on the digital audio matrix board

Audio power outputs

  • 1x 100 V audio power output, 200 W


  • DC 24 V power supply
  • Analog audio input


  • 2x status indicator contacts: DC power supply, output
  • 3x status indicator LEDs: Operate, Fault, Clip