Use the procedure in this section to modify the IP network settings for a Desigo device.

  1. Select Configuration > Network.
  1. Use the following table to make selections for each item.
  1. Click Apply changes.
  • The new settings are applied and saved. The device may reboot depending on the settings modified.
Network settings fields.



Configure IPv4

DHCP - use dynamic IP addressing.

Manual - use a fixed IP address. Complete the IPv4, Subnet mask and Router fields.

MAC address

(Information only) MAC address of the device.

DNS server

Preferred DNS server.

Device name on IP

Allows you to change the device name online.

Enable SNMP

Enabled – SNMP monitoring is active.

Disabled - SNMP monitoring is not active.

SNMP read community

Community string that allows reading information from a device.

UDP Port

UDP port number that the service uses to communicate. Range is 0 to 65535. Default: 47808 (BAC0)