The default Administrator user profile cannot be deleted and the User name and User role fields cannot be modified.

Managing password security

To help ensure a secure operating environment, use the following password recommendations when adding user profiles:

  • Create unique usernames/passwords for each user.
  • Do not create a common username/password to be shared by all employees.
  • Require that passwords be changed at regular intervals, such as every 45 days.
  • Do not allow users to write their password on a piece of paper and attach it to their monitor or leave it where it can be easily found, such as under the keyboard.
  • Remove user accounts for individuals who no longer require access or no longer work at the facility.
  • Require that users create a robust/complex password.
    • Use a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numerals, and special characters.
    • Use a minimum of 8 characters for a user account and a minimum of 12 characters for privileged accounts.

Managing user profiles

  1. Select Configuration > Users.
  1. Do one of the following:
  • Click Add user, complete the fields outlined in the Users fields table, and click Add user to save the user profile.
  • Select an existing user profile to edit, modify the fields outlined in the Users fields table, and click юба to save your changes.
  • Select an existing user profile to delete and then click Delete user.
Users fields.



User name

Type a user name. Each user profile must have a unique User name.

User role

Select a role from the drop-down list.

The User role controls access to functions and tools.


Select the user interface language.

Date format

Select a date format. For example, DD.MM.YYYY, YYYY/MM/DD or MM-DD-YYYY.

Time format

Select the 24h or 12h time format.

Change password

  1. Click Change password to display the password fields.
  2. Type and confirm a password that complies with the password policy for your site.
  3. Click Save.