Assigned devices displays information for the remote automation stations that are accessible for system control.

Assigned devices is only available for PXC5 controllers. A maximum of 50 assigned devices is supported.

Discovering and assigning devices

Use this procedure to discover all devices communicating on the network and assign the desired devices for monitoring.

  1. Navigate to Configuration > Assigned devices and click Discover to trigger a discovery.
  • A list of all devices communicating on the specified network displays, including the PXC5 discovering itself.
  1. Do one of the following:
  • Click Assign for the device(s) you want to monitor.
  • Click Assign all devices for monitoring.
  • The selected devices are now available for monitoring.

Managing Assigned devices

Use this procedure to remove devices from monitoring and / or rearrange the Assigned devices list.

  1. Click to delete a device from monitoring.
  • The device displays in the Discovered devices list again.
  1. Click and drag-and-drop items in the list to rearrange the order of the assigned devices,.

Adjusting the parameters for device discovery

This procedure modifies the properties of device discovery. For example, you can limit the discovery to the local network and a specific range of device numbers.

  1. Click Options to open the filtered properties of Discovered devices.
  1. Use the following table to make selections for each parameter.
Parameter settings for device discovery.



Discovery scope

Determines if the device discovery is restricted to the local network or if remote networks are included.

Options: Local network or Remote network.
If Remote network is selected, verify that the Network number setting is correct.

Network number

The network number to use for the device discovery.

Device range, maximum
Device range, minimum

Limits the device discovery to a range of devices.

The maximum value is 4194302. The minimum value is 1.

3rd party devices

Determines if third-party devices are included in the device discovery.

Select False to exclude third-party devices, or True to include third-party devices.