Changes to the PXC4/5/7 device configuration are saved in non-volatile memory every 5 minutes and whenever you log out of the device.
  1. Save and log out to immediately save changes to the device configuration.
  1. Changes to the device configuration are lost if a power cycle occurs within 5 minutes of the change and before you have logged out.

The Object view displays a detailed listing and state of events related to the local device. For example, it shows whether the device is operational, lists the available RAM and Flash memory, lists all notification classes from 1 through 18 and provides detailed event logs under Device > Infrastructure.

  • Automation station event logging is available for all devices.
  • When connected to an automation station, Alarm history and Commissioning history event logs are also available.
  • The Object view displays when you log in to any operating and monitoring device with the status Unconfigured or Download Required.

Tree view

  • The tree view provides a structured view of devices and objects on the network.
  • As you navigate through objects in the work area, the tree view expands to display the same elements as the work area.

Work area
The work area is the primary navigation area. The top level consists of Device, Field bus, and Application.
The work area display depends on the user role.

Root icon and breadcrumb navigation
The breadcrumb list is created as you navigate through the work area. Select any item in the breadcrumb list to navigate to that level of the building hierarchy.
Click the root icon to clear the breadcrumb navigation list and display the top level of the work area.

Search bar
To further limit your search, click in the Search bar and select one of the following:

  • Description
    Searches for objects based on their description.
  • Object name
    Searches based on the unique object identifier within the device.
  • Object type
    Searches based on the objects and data point object types.