The standard subscription plan is the regular, scalable offering for this service. The subscription term is twelve (12) months with manual renewal; the service fee is paid in advanced.


Add-on subscriptions scale the capabilities of the service. The service fee is paid prior to activation and the subscription term is for one year. Add-ons can be activated at any time during a valid Standard subscription term.


The Subscription Term is renewable by repeating the purchase procedure under the Master Order Form for Digital Services you previously executed with Siemens.

Free trial

New customers of the service may start with a free trial for up to 6 months to test the service offering. The free trial offers full functionality for one site. You can continue the service at any time during the free trial period by upgrading to the standard subscription plan.

The free trial expires automatically and cannot be extended or renewed. There are no refunds for expenses or materials in the event the service is discontinued after the free trial. Any hardware required for the free trial must be procured separately and is not considered part of the free trial.