1. Device data point table - Displayed list of associated data points.
  2. Data point details pane – Allows you to monitor and manage data point activities.


Data point table

Data point icon

Icon associated with the data point type.


Data point name.


The number of sources where the data point is found.


Icon representing any current state the data point is in:

  • Edge device indicates data point value is not reliable.
  • Parent gateway device is disconnected
  • Has events
  • In manual override
  • Out of service
  • Overidden

Comfort score

(If enabled) The condition of the data point participating in a comfort score calculation


Present value


Data point details pane

Status information

At the top of the pane, the following information is summarized:

  • Data point type icon
  • Data point name
  • Current value and when the change (in days) was last recorded.
  • Current status icons

Manual override

Change the current state of the data point.


View live and historical values at the data point.


Go to a source in the displayed list of devices and/or equipment the data point is found.


List of tags associated with the data point in the Data Setup app.


Enable messaging for updates.

Event settings

Configure alerts for data point events.

Comfort score

Enable or disable comfort score for the data point.