Equipment list and data point details

This section provides a list of the site’s equipment and the data points associated with each device. The right detail pane allows you to view, monitor, and manage data point events.

  1. Sort - Populates the equipment list alphabetically by Name or Description.
  1. Equipment detail - Displays the equipment name, any description text, and an event summary status. For example, the selected equipment entry in the above image indicates that two of its data points have an alarm event status.
    Selecting the displays the associated data points.
  1. Data point list - View data points associated with a particular device. For each data point, the data point type, name, and event status are shown.
    When you select a data point from the list, the data point details panel displays on the right. The following icons represent the following data point types:
  • physical output
  • physical input
  • analog
  1. Right detail pane – Contains the following sections that allow you to command a devices data points, view data point tags and live/historical data, configure email/SMS notifications and data point event details: