1. Event summary tiles - Provide an aggregated summary of your sites according to their status. When a tile is selected, the Site list and the Site map display those sites associated to the event tile. The filter bar updates with the matching criteria.
  1. Search bar - Allows you to filter the Site list and Site map by manually entering text or selecting from the available list of tags.
  1. Site list - Displays a list of sites and details about them such as type, site name, address, partitions and their current event status.
  • If a site has any type of event, the site icon displays a colored dot that corresponds to the event summary tile color with which the event is associated.
  • The site list is populated based on the criteria used in the Filter and is sortable by Name.
  • When you select a row, an overview page for that particular site opens.
  1. Site map – Provides a visual of where your sites are located geographically. Sites on the map are selectable. Use the and  buttons to zoom in or out of the map. By default, the event summary tiles or applied filters determine the map’s focus.