To back up a database in Building Operator Discovery:

  1. Find and select Folio in the Building Operator Discoverymenu. Select Menu.
    For more information on Folio in Building Operator Discovery, please see the Building Operator Discovery documentation.
  1. In the Folio pane, select Snapshots.
  1. From the menu, select Make Snapshot.
  1. Once the loading bar reaches 100 percent, your database snapshot will display directly below the menu in the Folio pane.
  1. Select the Folio snapshot name you want to pack up to your computer. Three options will appear:
  • Restore: This will upload the same version of the database you created when you made a snapshot. See below for instructions on how to properly restore.
  • Backup: This will save the database locally to your device in a Zip file.
  • Delete: This will remove the folio snapshot of the database.
  1. Select Backup. Save the zip file to a safe location on your computer for later restore.