Partitions are created in the Accounts application. Sites can be buildings or campuses. A campus might contain multiple buildings.
Managing campuses functionality is only available for Building X offerings.

  • A partition has been created in Accounts.
  1. Go to Sites.
  1. Select Add.
  1. In the Add site dialog, select the type for the new site (Building or Campus).
  1. Fill in the Site details appropriately.

The Address field will automatically suggest addresses. Selecting a suggested address will automatically populate the Time Zone field.
If Google Maps app is not available in your country, the address and time zone must be entered manually.

  1. In the Partition pane, select the partition to which the building or campus belongs.
  1. (Optional) Expand the Optional pane to add additional site and contact information.

A value for Area must be entered, if the Building option is selected. If this value is not specified, Energy Manager will not display any data for the building.

  1. Confirm with Add.