Users working with device update tasks can control device updates in the Updates tab. Devices application provides real-time information and warning messages.

  1. Go to Sites.
  1. Select the site with the device you want to view.
  1. Select the device.
  1. Select the Updates tab.
  • If a new version is available, then it will appear in bold, and the system will start checking if distributions and applications are available for the target operating system version.
  • The user will be warned if there is no distribution version available..

Distributions and edge applications are not managed via the Devices Application. Please contact your system administrator for additional information.

  1. If a proper distribution version for the target operating system version is available and released, click Update.
  • The device is updated to the new operating system version.

The device will go offline during the firmware update. This may take several minutes.

The user can ignore the warning and force the update, although the compatibility criteria are not met. In this case, the configuration, applications, or other device data might be lost or become unstable.