After you've added a floor object, you can now discover a BACnet device. In doing so, you can add that device to the Building Operator Discovery project and sync it with Operations Manager. Complete the instructions below to discover a BACnet device.

  • You are in the Database Builder application.
  1. From the Navigation tree, under Available Trees, expand Connectors.
  1. Expand BACnet.
  1. In the BACnet Connectors pane, from the menu bar, click BACnet Global Config and then complete the fields in the BACnet Instance Configuration pane for your network. Click Save.
    Enter custom local addresses as needed (for specific devices).

Operations Manager only allows BACnet networks on ports 47808 – 47823.

  1. From the Navigation tree under the expanded BACnet connector, click Discover.
  1. In the Discovered Devices pane, from the menu bar, click Discover.
  • The discovered BACnet devices display in the top section of the pane.
    NOTE 1: Increasing the Timeout (seconds) in the Device Discovery Settings dialog box may allow you to discover more devices. We recommend a 30-second timeout value.
    NOTE: 2: If a BACnet device was not discovered automatically, see Manually Add a BACnet Connector and then return to this topic and proceed to Step 7.
  1. From the list of discovered devices, select a device. For multiple devices do one of the following:
  • To select a range of devices: Click on the first device and then press SHIFT + click on the last device in the range.
  • To select individual devices: Click CTRL + click each individual device you want to add.
  1. Click Add, and then click OK.
  1. From the Discovered Devices pane, click Discover.
  1. The added devices display under Added Devices and are now greyed-out in the Discovered Devices section.