Remote web access can be configured, and other endpoints can be specified on the device user interface. Tunneling for devices in and behind the gateway is supported and must be engineered in the commissioning UI.

Remote web access does not support web interfaces that use Adobe Flash or Microsoft Silverlight. These web interfaces perform certain unsecured operations such as sending unencrypted data over the internet.

  1. Go to Sites.
  1. Select the site with the connected device.
  1. Select the device.
  1. Select Remote access.
  1. Go to the required application > Open.
  • A new tab opens, and you are re-directed to the commissioning user interface of the device.

If you are using an iPhone and a new window does not open, you need to allow pop-ups in Safari explorer. Open Settings and select Safari. Turn off the toggle button for Block Pop-ups.

  1. Enter your login information and select Log in.
  1. (Optional) Go to Network > Tunnel configuration to set up further tunnel endpoints if needed.