This section will cover how to use a Niagara AX or Niagara 4 Framework device with Operations Manager.

Building Operator Discovery has been tested with Niagara AX3.8 and Niagara N4.10U5 versions. Compatibility with older versions of Niagara have not been tested.

For additional information regarding Niagara devices and nHaystack in Building Operator Discovery, see the following:

Installing the latest nHaystack module

Before using a Niagara device with Building Operator Discovery, you will need to install nHaystack jar modules to your device. To install these modules, follow the steps below.

  • In the Niagara workbench:
  1. Download the latest nHaystack.jar module(s) for your Niagara device.
  1. Drag the nHaystack.jar file into your modules folder.

You may need to close/stop your station/workbench in order to add this file to your modules folder.

  1. Drag the NHaystackService folder from your Palette into the Services section.
  1. Restart your station.
  1. Once the station is running, run the following actions in the NHaystackService Folder:
  • NHaystackService > Actions > Initialize Haystack
  • NHaystackService > Actions > Rebuild Cache
  • NHaystackService > Actions > Remove Broken Refs

To test the connection of your device, type <niagaraStationIP>/haystack/about into your browser.

Adding your Niagara device using a nHaystack connector

After installing the nHaystack modules, you can now add your device to Building Operator Discovery. To add a Niagara Framework device via nHaystack connector, follow the steps below.

  • In Building Operator Discovery:
  1. Expand Connectors and select Haystack.
  1. Click Add.
  1. Type in the appropriate information in the ensuing pop-up.
  • URI: Enter the IP address that connects to the station. The URI scheme must be in the following format: http://host/haystack/
  • Display Name: Enter the desired name for the connector.
  • Haystack Slot (optional): Only points that have haystack slots will be imported into DB Builder. This is applicable if you are dragging in data through the Site folder under haystack connector.
  • Equip Filter (optional): If haystack slot = YES, then filter equipment can be imported.
  • Point Filter (optional): If haystack slot = YES, then filter points can be imported.
  • Username and password: Same credentials that are used to log in to the station.
  1. Once you are connected, you'll be able to see the same structure as you do in Niagara through the Component Space.