Use the workflow checklist to set up the Connect X200 / X300 and activate Operations Manager. We recommend that you open two browser tabs during the commissioning process: one for the Connect X200 / X300 and the other for Operations Manager.

Before signing up for an account, we recommend that your gateway has been installed and commissioned on-site. When choosing a trial subscription, having your gateway commissioned first, allows you to use the trial subscription for the maximum time allotted.

The recommended browsers are as follows:

  • Google Chrome and Chromium based browsers
  • Mozilla Firefox

Connect X200 /X300


Installing the device

Before getting started with Operations Manager, use the Building Operator Discovery Connect X200/X300 Installation and Configuration Guide (A6V13057554) to set up your device.

Connecting the device

Commissioning the device

Logging into the device


Signing Up

If you have already created an account and company, this is not required. Before using Operations Manager, you need to create a Siemens ID account and accept your company invitation, see the Accounts User Guide.

Accepting invitations for automatic renewal subscription companies


Adding a site

Once your device is set up, it will still appear as offline and will need to be activated. To be able to use the device in Operations Manager you need to add a site, add and activate the device, install the application, and update the operating system using the Devices application. For more information, see the Devices User Guide.

Adding and activating device

Installing the Building Operator Discovery application

Updating operating system

Connect X200 / X300

Enabling remote web access in Connect device UI

Proceed to the tunnel page to configure the tunnel endpoints e.g. Building Operator Discovery.

Building Operator Discovery

Organizing your Device View

After enabling remote web access and selecting your data point settings, you can now log into Building Operator Discovery remotely. After logging in, you can configure your device to add equipment, data points, and alarms.

Discovering a BACnet Device

Adding Equipment and Data Points

Adding Tags to Data Points

Determining BACnet Write Priority for Points

Restarting Connect Device to Update Data Point Information

Configuring Alarms in Building Operator Discovery

Backing Up and Restoring a Building Operator Discovery Database