1. Go to Sites.
  1. Select a site where you want to add your device.
  1. Click Add.
  1. Enter the device activation key and click Validate.
  1. (Optional) Confirm the Custom name of your device.
  1. (Optional) Confirm the Custom description of your device.
  1. (Optional) Confirm the External identifier of your device.
  • The External identifier (optional) can be used for additional, customized asset tracking functionalities, or for other types of information exchange with other systems via the Building X API's. Select the External identifier that complies with the following guidelines:
    • At least 8 characters
    • Letters, numbers and combinations supported
    • Uppercase and lowercase letters supported
    • Symbols are not supported.
  1. Click Add.

When defining or changing the custom name of the device, it will only affect the display name in the cloud. The Custom name and Custom description fields are optional.

The device activation key can be found in the device UI. The device UI is the web interface and can be accessed using a local connection.

For Intelligent Valves, the device activation key is printed on the device.