The following steps to restore a snapshot from your computer apply to Building Operator Discovery projects in general. For projects using Modbus connectors, you will also need to restore the Register Maps CSV file(s), you created when you created the project backup. See Modbus Connectors: Backing-up the Register Map(s).

  1. Select Folio. Select Menu, then Snapshots.
  1. Select Upload Snapshot.
  1. Choose the zip file that you previously backed up. The snapshot displays under Folio snapshots.
  1. In the restored snapshot, select Restore.
  • The restore is executed.
  1. If you have also backed-up a Modbus register map, see the procedure below to restore the Modbus register map.
  1. Once you have restored all your backups, navigate to the Connect device and select the Maintenance tab.
  1. Select Restart and wait approximately 10 minutes to execute a proper restore in Building Operator Discovery.


Modbus Connectors: Restoring the register map(s)

  • You have a backup of your Modbus Register Maps. See Modbus Connectors: Backing-up the register map(s).
  • You have completed a project restore in the previous procedure.
  1. From the DB Building project tree, select Connectors > Modbus > Register Maps.
  1. Select the Upload button at the bottom of the pane.
  • The Upload Register Map dialog box displays.
  1. From the dialog box, select File.
  1. Find and select the CSV backup file (our example: MyMaps.csv). See, Modbus Connectors: Backing-up the register map(s).
  1. Repeat Steps 1-4 for each CSV backup file.
  1. When you have restored all Modbus CSV files, return to Step 6 in the previous procedure to restart the Connect device to complete the restore process.