If you’re configuring a multi-state alarm that has multiple values, you need to know which of these values to manually add to trigger an alarm.

To determine this, please complete the instructions below:

  1. Open and launch DB Builder from the Building Operator Discovery applications menu.
  1. Navigate to and select the multi-state point on the appropriate device.
  1. Find and select the information icon (i), above the Point Name field. Scroll down to find the enum property. To the right, you’ll find the multi-state point values, listed in ascending order (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.).
  1. Once you’ve determined which value(s) you’d like to manually add, navigate to the Alarm Config application.
  1. Enter the multi-state value in the Alarm State Text field. Note that spacing is critical in this field. If you enter a multi-state field value with incorrect spacing, the alarm will not work. Use a semicolon to separate state text.
  1. Select OK.