If you want to update data point information or change it for any reason, you’re able to do so in Building Operator Discovery.

However, any data point information you update in Building Operator Discovery won’t appear in Operations Manager until there’s a change of value (COV) on that specific data point. To force a COV, as an Administrator, you must restart the Connect device. The example below outlines how to restart the gateway to force a COV.

To restart the Connect device to update data points:

  1. Navigate to the point you want to change in the Available Equip Tree (Site > Floor > Equipment > Data point) and type to enter the revisions in the appropriate field(s). In this example, we’re adding “(SieSte20)” to the end of the AOV2 data point name.
  1. Select Apply when finished.
  1. In a separate browser tab, log in to Connect device. Use the same username and password you created earlier when you first activated the device.
  1. Select the Maintenance tab in the navigation ribbon.
  1. Select Restart in the Device operation section.
  1. Select Restart in the confirmation pop-up.
    NOTE: You will likely lose and re-gain cloud connectivity during this process.
  1. Log back into Building Operator Discovery to confirm the changes reflected after the Connect device restart.
  1. Refresh the Site page in Operations Manager if the revisions don’t automatically populate.