This section will cover how to create a device hierarchy in Building Operator Discovery, and the recommended way to organize your equipment. Prior to organizing your equipment, you will have to add a site in the Equip Tree.

Before you organize the device view, first change the time zone in My Site to the time zone your device resides in. To do so:

  1. IMPORTANT! Add or change the country and time zone. This is the time zone you set for data points – and their associated historical data – in Operations Manager. The field is called “tz.”
  • Once you’ve set the site to the right time zone, you can create a new floor object. However, before you create a new floor object, you must set the right context in the navigation pane. To do so:
  1. Select the Site name.
  1. Find and select the (+) icon at the bottom of the navigation tree. Select Add Floor.
  1. In the pop-up, type to in the Floor Name field and give your site a unique name.
  1. Select Create when finished.
  1. Close the property editor to proceed.

The floor structure will not appear in Operations Manager. The hierarchy you create is used to organize and engineer items in Building Operator Discovery.