BACnet priorities vary for different vendors. Siemens devices abide by the following BACnet priority array:

  • 1-6: Safety and protection
  • 7: Delay time on/off
  • 8: Manual operation
  • 9-16: Program mode

If you want Operations Manager to write to any value or output with a BACnet priority array, you must determine a write level. Building Operator Discovery has its own priority array, but it’s important to set the BACnet write level appropriately for the end device.

Complete the following instructions to configure the write priority for BACnet points:

Changing Point Priority Individually

  1. Find and select the appropriate value or output point beneath the device, in the Available Equip tree.
  1. In the point editor, find the BACnet Write Level field.
  1. Use the up or down arrows, or type to enter 8 for the field value. Any command you send to the Building Operator Discovery priority array will be sent out to the end BACnet device at slot 8, or manual override.
  1. Select Save at the bottom of the editor to save your changes.