Now that you have added points to the device, you can configure and tag these data points to meet specific criteria.

Tags are used to standardize data and provide a method for semantic tagging and data modelling in smart buildings. Comprehensive dictionary definitions for HVAC, metering and other building related data make it cost-effective to analyze, visualize and derive value from data.

There are two categories of tags in Building Operator Discovery:

  • Marker - A one-word string value that describes the role(s) of the data point. For example, a data point could be a temp setpoint so it would have both a "temp" and a "sp" marker tag.
    • A Meter tag is an example of a Marker tag and is used for accumulator data types, such as heating and cooling.
  • Property – A one-word string that has a value associated with it. In Haystack, the tag is referred to as a “Value” tag.


Building Operator Discovery automatically applies some tags for you based on the data point type.

Marker Tags

Marker tags are used to indicate the role of a data point.

To add marker tags:

  1. In the Marker Tags section, select the plus icon (+) to expand the tags menu.
  1. Enter or scroll to search for the tag(s) you want to attach to this data point.
  1. Select the check mark icon to save these changes. Select Save to confirm the changes.

Property Tags

Currently, Operations Manager does not display these tags.

Tags added in Building Operator Discovery won’t appear in Operations Manager until there’s a change of value on that specific data point. As an Administrator, you can manually override the data point value to push the changes to Operations Manager, or restart the Connect device.

To add a property tag in Building Operator Discovery:

  1. Select the in the Property Tags section.
  1. The default tag editor is a string type. To change the tag type, select the next to tag-name.
  1. Select the appropriate property type to execute the type change.
  1. Once you’ve selected the right property tag type, enter the tag-name or manually select the tag-name field to find the right tag name.
  1. Set the appropriate value for the tag using the field provided.
  1. Click to confirm the change, then select Save to save the changes.

Adding Marker Tags in Bulk

In Building Operator Discovery, you can batch edit tags assigned to points. This saves you from having to manually update point tags individually.

To batch edit tags, do the following:

  1. In the Available Equip Tree, navigate to the appropriate device and set it as the current context.
  1. Navigate to a specific point and change the value of a specific tag to the appropriate value. In the workflow below, we’ll outline how to batch change the property tag bacnetWriteLevel to 9.
  1. To clone this value across all points in a device, select the settings icon, below the Available Equip Tree.
  1. Select Batch Edit and Clone, then Clone Tags in the ensuing pop-up.