Once you’ve added a floor object, you can then add equipment objects (i.e. devices) to the hierarchy. These objects are discoverable through object discovery in Building Operator Discovery.

The Equipment hierarchy level, although optional, provides flexibility to structure the device level in Operations Manager. Typically, the equipment corresponds to a BACnet device; however, two or more building equipment of a BACnet device can be mapped to two or more equipment in Building Operator Discovery.

Complete the following steps in order:

Add Equipment

To add an equipment object to a floor object, complete the instructions below:

  1. In the Navigation pane, expand the Equip Tree.
  1. Expand the site object, then select the desired floor object.
  1. Select the plus icon (+) below the available objects pane, then select Add Equip.
  1. In the pop-up, enter the equipment object name. It is highly recommended that the object name matches its name on the BACnet network. In Operations Manager this name displays as the Device Name.
    NOTE: The equipment object name cannot be changed after creation.
  1. Select Create.

Discover and Add Data Points

Similar to discovering equipment, you can discover points to add to the equipment you just discovered. To discover points for specific equipment in Building Operator Discovery, complete the following instructions:

  1. In the floor object, find and select the right device. Three icons appear once you hover over the device name. Select the arrow icon, closest to the device name, to set that device as your current context in Building Operator Discovery.
  1. After setting the context, you will see a breadcrumb trail that reflects this action in the menu bar above.
  1. Once you’ve set the proper context, find and select the appropriate device controller in the Connectors node. Select to expand Connectors, then BACnet (or whichever type of connector you’re using).
  1. Find and select the connector you want to add points to. Then, select Discover Points, below the Added Points list results (there will be none, if you haven’t added any yet).
  1. Once loaded, find and select (or multiselect) points you want to add to the device. Drag and drop the point(s) on the equipment name in the Equip Tree on your site to add the points or select + Add.
  1. Select Apply in the confirmation dialog to add the point.
  1. Select Cancel in the Batch Record editor: [Your Panel Name]. This functionality is not fully supported yet.
  1. Navigate to the appropriate device in the Equip Tree, and you’ll see the points you just added.