Desigo CC Connect is a gateway between systems with different protocols. Desigo CC Connect as a software platform, incorporates the industry’s latest software technology to integrate BACnet, Modbus, KNX, SNMP, S7 and various disciplines (for example, Danger Management), into a common object model and is supported by a powerful computational engine.

The Desigo CC Connect with its own intelligence, has less need to send information back to a central server because of the embedded interpretation capability. By moving more intelligence to the Desigo CC Connect node, the software can decentralize functionalities such as: data collection, event collection, calendar functions, time scheduling, time-based functions, mathematical/logic calculations, reactions, logics and data interactions.

Desigo CC Connect software gateway is flexible and able to manage complex requirements in small or large scaled projects, where distribution of computational effort is required. The software is enabling seamless integration at the IP level and provides a full engineering environment. In addition, Desigo CC Connect is able to expose information to a higher level via the Restful API, the BACnet or via the OPC Northbound Interface.