Use the router PXG3.L / PXG3.M with HW Index C only.

Data point integration: MS/TP devices are considerably slower than IP devices due to the lower network speed. Reference value: Approximately 15 times slower (depending on the project setup).

MS/TP is tested with 10 devices that support COV (e.g. DXR2). Recommendation: Assign or integrate a maximum of 10 MS/TP devices on one network branch. More devices and/or network complexity are permitted, but they may result in longer and inconsistent times and degraded performance.

  • Assign devices offline/online:
    More than 10 devices degrade performance in ABT-SSA.
    Additional network branches degrade performance in ABT-SSA.
  • Device learning offline/online:
    More than 10 devices takes longer.
    The times are slower with additional network branches.
  • Device restart (e.g., after the power returns):
    More than 10 devices takes longer.
    The times are slower for a restart.

The following limits and constraints must be considered if the MS/TP devices do not support COV, i.e. only polling:

  • Disable the list view core function (user profile setting in ABT Site)
  • Limit to one concurrent operating client (limit your network topology)
  • Set baud rate to 38400 or higher
  • Only use the online trends functionality very limited
  • Limit the points per graphic to 15