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To mount the pressure switch:

  • Screw the G 1/2ʺ - G 1/4ʺ adapter to the discharge piping.
  • Tighten to the required torque depending on the sealing method used: hemp, PTFE strip, elastomer seal.
  • Type and source of hazard

    The G 1/2ʺ - G 1/4ʺ adapter is designed to permanently stay in position.

  • Check the G 1/4ʺ threads, the Usit® o-ring and the sealing surfaces.
  • Screw the pressure switch onto the adapter and tighten using a wrench.
    Torque: 10 ±2 Nm.
  • Connect the pressure switch to the ECP electrically.
  • For further information, refer to the technical manual for the relevant ECP.