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  • Check that the complete pilot circuit is perfectly clean.
Pre-mounting check

The non-return valve NRV4-360 comprises two components assembled at the factory. In addition, the non-return valve is fitted with two DKOL 6 fittings. Check that all of these components are secured together before mounting.

To mount the NRV4-360 non-return valve:

  • Direct the NRV4-360 so that the gas flows in the direction indicated by the arrow. Make sure to position it upright, flow direction from bottom up.




Flow in the opposite direction: the valve is closed.




Flow in the direction indicated by the arrow: the valve is open.


  • Using an open-end wrench:
    - screw the fitting on the actuator side,
    - screw the hose to the fitting, on the pilot circuit side.
    Torque: 10 Nm