Connect X300 is a gateway and edge device for large size or multi-application installations serving as the point of integration for Building Automation and Control Systems smart devices and cloud applications.

A broad range of devices can be integrated at the system level, for applications such as HVAC, security, fire safety, power and lighting applications. It supports a wide range of communication protocols for controllers, meters, sensors, and actuators. These include BACnet, Modbus and Siemens fire system protocols.

The gateway connects upstream over cable or mobile (4G), and downstream to the local network over Ethernet or EIA-485 serial bus. Transported data is protected by encryption, and the device can be managed remotely over a secure tunnel.

The specific set of supported functions may vary according to the region (for example UL markets) and according to the connected system. Detailed information about the latest supported functions can be found in the release notes of the installed software.