By default, the CUPS service is available on the local server. If the CUPS service is installed on an external server, perform the following steps to allow the remote access:

  1. Open the CUPS server terminal window and log in as root user.
  1. Enter the following command in the terminal window to open the CUPS configuration file:
    vi etc/cups/cupsd.conf
  1. Comment out the following lines in the CUPS configuration file to avoid listening to the localhost:
    # Only listen for connections from the local machine.
    # Listen <some IP>
    # Listen localhost:631
  1. Add the following lines to the CUPS configuration file to allow the remote access:
    # Allow remote access
    Port 631
    ServerAlias *
  1. Save the CUPS configuration file.
  1. Restart the CUPS service by entering the following command:
    systemctl restart cups